Inner Mentoring

I am that I am, I am I am, I am… I am where I am at this time and space, but most importantly;


 I am a "Highly sensitive person"(HSP).


“I don't just listen to your words,

I listen to your use of words,

your tone, your body movements,

your eyes, your subtle facial expressions.

I interpret your silence.

I can hear everything you don't say with

my entire body

...and see beyond the evident”.

Priceless knowledge

"over 25 years dedication in studying 

self development & transformative tools"

Amazing valuable life experience


"and achievements that probably

will blow up your mind"

and a Unique mix of tools


"that rarely could be found

in the planet in just one individual"


Also between others, I am an emotional healing coach, artist, co founder, world traveller, entrepreneur, professional questioner and researcher with passionate curiosity of studying humanity and beyond.


So, something like;


"Professional questioner and researcher of self development and transformation, using between others tools, the healing powers of the Arts, Holistic Coaching, CBT, NLP, EFT, DBT, Assertive communication therapy  Non Aggressive communication therapy, Art therapy, Mindfulness, Positive psychology, Flow state, Emotional intelligence, Entrepreneurship, Spiritual psychology and Story telling between other tools and own methods, holding a space for others to support their own inner growth in the process of self discovering your true self.  "



My intention with my work is to inspire and empower people,(awakening & awakened entrepreneurs) with several deep transformational tools to empower themselves to live more meaningful and content lives.


I also create artworks, in particular paintings.  I’ve been a very active professional visual artist for over 10 years now. I am lucky enough to have my own gallery in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Manly beach Australia, where I regularly create not only aesthetically artworks but also pieces to help people help themselves. These transformational paintings help getting into a trans state, facilitating  the process of shadow integration in a subconscious and conscious level evoking the reconnection of your inner wisdom from inside out.

I also write books. Aside from the entertainment value of this fantasy, humorous books, they also carry important hidden messages(at least from my perspective but I’m predisposed because they’re my books).


I also work in collaboration with other experts and thought leaders, leading retreats around the world on different healing, uplifting and personal empowerment tools, for like hearted and like minded people to come together and learn, share, grow, and heal.

And if the formal credential side of things, is important to you, My full name is DIEGO ACEVEDO LLOSA, (honoring not only my dad  but also mum's).

I hold a masters degree in business management, with a specialization in marketing management in one of the top ten business schools in Australasia(MGSM). A Diploma in International Commerce from ADEX,  a Diploma in Entrepreneurship management from Pacific University. Certificate in business negotiation and ethics from Pacific University.

Studies in art therapy at The school of complementary medicine in Sydney Australia, studies in Positive psychology from Harvard and certification as a Holistic Coach from the University of wellness, West Virginia USA.


A Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy from the Institute of applied Psychology on its way.

Most importantly; I have an Incas land accent, bald head with a Ken Wilber genius look (Just the look) big eyes, a caring warm heart, and a trying hard sense of humour (because no one picks up my jokes).























​Welcome to:​

Art of contentment 

Art of self discovery + Art of alignment = Art of contentment flow

Inner mentoring  sessions offer you a path with a variety of tools  for discovering freedom from your self limitations. These sessions offer you an opportunity to discover hidden emotional disalignments and patterns within that keep you blocked in life, health, wealth and contentment.

"During these sessions, my real purpose is not to offer advice, but rather to facilitate and support the re-connection of you with your own inner guidance system and source of wisdom. By discovering hidden parts of you that are compromised, healing and re-balancing allows you to have new realizations of inner peace, meaning, and the release of suffering."

If you feel serious and ready, I would like to invite you and maybe inspire you, to consider a few of these perspectives and tools that serve me tremendously in my journey of self discovery:

Art of self discovery

Self awareness & self discovery work


Shadow work

Healthy boundaries

Alchemical union  ⚤☯

Selecting your nutrients

Art of allowing 

Law of attraction

Art of desiring

Art of receiving

Mastering alignment in hostile environments

Self trance induction and self customized meditation

Flow state 


Art of being who you really are

Art of contentment

Art of gratefulness and appreciation 

Art of satisfaction

Mastering the art of allowing flow state

Art of identifying life synchronicities

Art of optimism

Art of juicing a momentum

Art  of True selfishness

Art of Allowing contentment flow constantly

Mastering the art of being who you really are


Art of being a highly sensitive person(HSP)

Understanding HSP, functional autism, Artist, Empaths, Indigos...

Boundaries for HSP

Isolation balance for HSP

How to Thrive when the world overwhelm you

Understanding your HSP son/daughter(for parents)


Art of Conscious entrepeneuralship

Holistic purpose Entrepreneurship

Conscious branding

Ideal clients

Money flow

Clients frequently work with me to:

  • Reduce blocks and limitation.

  • Resolve self sabotage issues.

  • Live more in the present, in the now.

  • Thriving their business. 

  • Attract ideal clients.

  • Master self love.

  • Learn to place healthy boundaries with out sacrificing authenticity.

  • Get support and move through  a life crisis.

  • Improve Feeling  lost & no direction in their life.

  • How to Thrive when the world overwhelm them.

  • Heal emotional wounds or traumas.

  • Move beyond feeling grief from the loss of a loved one, relationship, pregnancy, pet, job or way of life.

  • Improve their romantic relationship.

  • Add more meaning to life.

  • Find their career path and purpose in life.

  • Address hidden causes of pain.

  • Improve stress reduction.

  • Reduce anxiety and depression.

  • Discover  personal purpose.

  • Move beyond repetitive patterns of dysfunction.

  • Transform their sadnes into contentment flow.

After Inner Mentoring sessions, clients often experience:

  • Self empowerment.

  • Increased emotional balance.

  • Turning their crisis into an opportunity.

  • Inner Expansion.

  • Self honoring and more authenticity.

  • Lightness and relief.

  • Financial growth.

  • Holistic entrepreneurship.

  • Inner stillness and peacefulness.

  • Increased intuition and self confidence.

  • Enjoy romantic relationships & expand sexual satisfaction.

  • Increased understanding of their life. 

  • A sense of connection and personal Sovereignty.

  • Less pain.

  • Satisfaction  of inner openness and flexibility when hearing different perspectives.

  • More contentment.

Marcus and Caroline Blackmore

Co founder at Blackmores, Australia’s leading natural health company

We have been lucky enough to have worked with Diego (Ceasius Kakius) on many levels. He is a true artist in every sense of the word.

Tom Carrol

Co founder at Storm surfers, 2x world champion & surf legend Sydney, Australia

Thank you Diego for taking the time and care to develop an extraordinary dialogue with the subconscious...

Takes a great deal of courage!!

Robert Berkelouw

Co founder at Berkelouw's books.

Sydney, Australia

Diego is always a few steps ahead of most when it comes to creativity and innovation.

 Just try him, you wont regret it.

Isabel Lucas

Actress  Environmentalist

Byron bay, Australia

‘I support Diego’s work!.

We need more gentle, sensitive examples for men and working transformative artists on this planet.’

Alex Larrozea

Fisioterapeuta olistico. Bermeo, España

Mago de las palabras, sabe poner analogías a todas tus preocupaciones.No diagnostica pero aporta una razón de ser, cataloga y te dice justo lo que necesitas escuchar mediante historias y metáforas , fisioterapeuta holistico.

Robert Smith

Co founder. London, England

Seen him was very moving. I have been talking about it all day........and his art... I am still moved.
Remember...It is easier to ride the horse in the direction it's going...Don't change your creative and mentoring journey even a bit...It is magically uplifting!

Thank you

Ian Cleland

Co founder at SUCH developments. Sydney, Australia

I have known Diego for six years now and he has always fascinated me with not only his abilities as business person and artist but also his journey to where he is now and will be going in the future.

Diego is an inspiration to me and has helped me in me fulfill my aspirations and in the continuation of my journey. Be inspired by his knowledge, creativity and a passion for life.


I count him as a friend. With inspiration and passion.


Co founder. New york, USA

He can read your mind!

Very intimidating but sharply efficient.


He has the ability to sense your subtleness in a blink. 

Just one session with him worth millions.

I am a lightning strike surviver ... trust me on this one.

Erin Swanweaver

Co founder Copywriter; Sydney, Australia

Diego has a warming presence that transcends time, when you are in space with him all else fades away, you have his complete focus and he yours, a truly beautiful present.


He creates a space to simply be, accepting and allowing yet opening you to doorways that you may have passed by without noticing or ones you have shut firmly in avoidance, sometimes without you even knowing.


Personally, Diego has awakened me to aspects my shadow that I had unconsciously dimmed. This gift to me, the opportunity to acknowledge and awaken.


And have you seen his art works…mesmerising…meditative...Bliss.

Strongly recommend working with him! 

Melany Rodriguez

Co founder at Cook your life. London, United Kingdom

Hace unos meses tuve la gran oportunidad de tener unas cortas sesiones con Diego. Ademas de tener una voz calmada y linda que te endulza el alma, es una persona bastante accesible y profesional. Su sinceridad y acercamiento me ayudo a concretar en mis goles como Nutritionist therapist y a enfatizar, lo realmente importante en mi vida actual.

A veces necesitamos a alguien que nos ayude a encontrar la ruta.

Desde ese momento tomé note y lo aplico en mi día a día. Estaré siempre agradecida de sus conocimientos.

Es un honor escribirle un testimonio. Totalmente recomendable.

Renzo Meinsthein

City, State

Fue increíble llegar sin expectativas con lo que me iba a encontrar, y salir con respuestas tan importantes a partir del descubrimiento de un lado espiritual que yo no conocía.

Fue una sesión en la que me pude conectar con mi yo interior, en donde pude llegar a ese punto medio, a ese equilibrio que tanta paz te puede dar como para poder fluir en esa ola que se llama Vida.


Y todo esto en un ambiente con unas energías y vibras increíbles.

Gracias Diego por esa sesión de meditación tan enriquecedora.

Mitch Barraclough

Co founder at The red hippo; Sydney Australia

There are only a couple of people I have come across in life who manage to move about the world, their business, time and space with a particular balance and integrated overview and grounding, done with a smile and the ability to build rapport with human beings in all forms.

Diego is one of these people. The level of immediate warmth and comfort I had experienced became further explained when we sat down for a session. Diego was effectively able to share practices and ideas to allow me to open some mental doors that I didn't even know were the doors I could be looking for.

I can say it is immediately apparent that the value of his input it immeasurable, and I am thoroughly looking forward to our further sessions.

Claudia LeCompte

Co founder at Boatz Services. West Palm Beach, Florida

Our talks really did make a difference in my life. I think you would be proud of what came from it. It took time lots of time ... But I’m getting there. 

You are definitely on this planet for a reason!

You helped me a lot in the short period of time we worked together. Both, emotionally and work wise.


Not only that but my kids, still remember you. In a great way.

I hope you are doing awesome

Tania Astans

Melbourne, Australia

I knew Diego and his visual art work already before I accepted his offer to consult me for my business path. I trusted his ability to teach me something new without having any specific expectations, just because every time I had been engaged in a conversation with him, although they were brief, his responses had been very effective and to the point.

He is a very active listener.


During our consultation session, I was guided to express my personal vision and relate it to the path for my business. A fully integration.

I had several needs and ideas but all hanging in the air and I was on a waiting, frozen mode. He took the time to connect and truly interact by  expressing his life experience,  keeping the conversation more alive and interesting for me!.

The highlight of the session was; A deeply realisation of the importance of the physical manifestation of our ideas... which needs an awakening of the masculine abilities in us,  The Yang. Although I had the skills, I was not really using them, relying only on my feminine powers, The Jin.

After I left, I was feeling so complete and vibrant, I could share my limitless energy with my surrounding and clients. Of course, I followed his valuable advise and the ball started to roll.

I needed more time to process and manifest things than we thought I would, but the main thing is that the ideas started to become visible on the paper. The resulted effects now, after 1.5 months, is very satisfying.

Thank you so much Diego for hearing me and willingness to help. Our society certainly needs your services.

Hayley Melrose

Co founder Sydney, Australia

Still coming down from my morning flight with this creature. His card has been sitting on my alter for so long.


Knew a creative pow wow meeting was coming. His art is so magical, deep, healing, inspiring, so impressive and thought provoking. Its actually hard to describe ... Because words dont do it justice. You just have to go and experience the unchartered creativity, for yourself.... And see how each piece affects you. Its so layered in symbology, story, meaning, feeling.


I did a dance and breath meditation journey .... With the 'Abundance' piece Diego created with Matt Omo the Sound healer. There is an ipod in middle of the art with Matts music that you listen too. The detail and energy in this piece.....WO WO wo....the crystals and peruvian seeds, in the artwork. Oh boy... Did I ever ......go on a journey... So many visions . ...and ideas. .


Such a powerful combo - stirring music / dance/ art.


Similar wavelengths we are on for sure. So much to share.


I got a heart activating coaching session from Diego .... Which I highly recommend for fellow creative  conscious entrepreneurial wanting to gain some amazing advice.


He's a wealth of knowledge, grounded, real, infusing spirituality and business in a great way. I'm so so grateful.


I'm charged with an action / planning/ expansion focus.

Julia Garsevanova

Moscu, Russia

I have been blind for the last 20 years of my life. My eyes just don't see... so I am use to navigate by sound. 

I‘ll say that he is maybe 35 years old or even much less. I came into that conclusion after I sensed his voice.


From my experience, that level of contentment and cheerfulness not necessary always but most of the time comes from someone very young who had never went through hard times or any life difficulties jet or if you just became successful being honest with yourself with high levels of consciousness.


The last option is very rare so I guessed he is very young.

Later he opened himself that he is A painter, A businessman, and A healer  from Peru!

I  thought; to be success in something, in one thing, where is  all your time and attention, that means you will maybe lose in other things and aspects in your life or you are just a very special and unique person. 

Diego for me is just trustfully and that is  the base of his healing methodic approach.


I am sure that kindness , mercy, compassion, wisdom and self sacrifice, come from inside of Who you Real are......

and that can change everything only.

Marta Campamà

Fashion designer, Pukas surf.

Barcelona, Spain

"Te quería dar las gracias, por el día que estuvimos hablando. A raíz de todo lo que hablamos, después de muchos años he vuelto a coger contacto con mi padre!! " Muchas gracias

Oscar Palos

Co founder, Tramuntana yacht.

Barcelona, Spain


'Solamente queria aprender a meditar ya que no podia parar de pensar y  termine ademas de eso lanzando mi propia empresa!

Todo un artista este loco"

Eduard F

Co founder, Tranzite Electric skates. Sydney, Australia

“Investing time with Diego helped to boost my ideas and turn them into real business opportunities. Super focused and deep sessions were very valuable to reset and  find clarity in my priorities in life, follow my passions and keep my dreams alive, while enjoying my family and love ones to the max”

Matthew Webb

Manchester, United Kingdom

Your words shed light on to my situation that I never considered before but left me feeling more at ease, with clarity being the outcome.

I felt as though I just learned more valuable life tools in one session, than what I learned in 5 years at words for the sessions after just appreciation and gratitude.

You transformed my life for good for ever.

Mitch Barraclough

Co founder at The natural connection

Sydney, Australia

I am 6 months into working with Diego as a mentor. In the interest of keeping this testimonial quite practical or ‘proof based’, I would like to write about the financial changes I am experiencing through applying the understanding and tools I have been shown by Diego.


My income is nearly doubled- my average weekly income is around another 90% again on top of what I was earning before. On top of this, I have also opened several new avenues to explore and experience ways of working and living for now and the future, allowing me much more freedom.

I run my own business, and have gone from feeling the need to be in fight or flight/survival to make sure things kept moving, to being able to think clearly, be more effective with my clientele and also save enough money for a trip to Europe next year, in which it looks like I’ll also be able to work remotely as per the other avenues of work I have opened up for myself. 

The work with Diego has been critical to my current scenario.


Diego, thanks so much for your time, energy and ability to create scenarios where I can understand how to make these things work for myself.

Alonso Hernandez

Co founder, Superfoods company

Lima, Peru

Diego tienes las palabras precisas que vibran de una manera armoniosa logrando que todo se compenetre y puedas entrar a un estado de paz, comprensión, amor, agradecimiento y libertad.


Un viaje total interno de expansión.

Michael Allwright

Co founder at Cafe art Australia

Sydney, Australia

Diego is the go to man for heart centered transformation and spiritual integration.

Point of distinction is a combination of extreme presence married to pragmatism.

I realized the importance of my mind as my greatest asset which influenced my decision to do a PhD. Became more aware of true masculinity

Most significant and outstanding was being able to use art as a medium and through it to feel into very ancient parts of myself. Helped me feel more present as a result of being around Diego

I got a lot for our session; definitely you are a leader in your field, Thanks..

Jesmin Chikhani

Marine biologist.

Sydney, Australia

He really helped me out emotionally when I was going through a break up… I felt listened, supported and uplifted, he is just awesome.

Olga Zegarra

Co Founder at

Lima, Peru

Conocerte, escucharte, entender y APRENDER, me ha mejorado el espíritu y limpiado el alma.


Ha sido muy importante el paso de tus palabras y apertura de uno de mis ojos cerebrales. 

Thank you

Jiro Taylor 


Co founder at FlowStateCollective

Sydney, Australia

Diego and his art has the ability to catalyst change/raise consciousness.

Ivan Gonzalo


Co founder at IG photography

Bali, Indonesia

I just heard our session again. I have so much to say to you, so much to tell you but I feel that I am going to summarize it in one word:

"Thank you ..."

Fiorela Pizarro,

Co founder

Lima, Peru

Las sesiones con Diego fueron super enriquecedoras,  definitivamente es una persona a la cual acudir ya que te ayuda a encontrar las respuestas a tantas dudas, te ayuda a ver la vida de diferentes perspectivas y te encamina para encontrar el equilibrio adecuado.

Diego tiene dos características que me parecieron super importantes, la primera es la capacidad de escuchar con atención, logrando conectar y entender a las personas, y la segunda, es la  capacidad que tiene de inspirarte para materializar tus proyectos.

Después de las sesiones, puse en práctica las herramientas que trabajamos, que me han servido para tomar mejores decisiones en lo personal y lo profesional. Estoy haciendo cambios en mi vida, dejando los miedos atrás, confiando en mi instinto y mis decisiones. He logrado romper el miedo de salir de mi zona de confort para emprender nuevos desafíos. 

Lo mejor de trabajar juntos fue que me ayudó a ver las cosas de diferente manera, convirtiendo lo que para mí era un problema, en una oportunidad de mejorar.


Gianna Botto

Lima, Peru

Testimonial:  En solo dos sesiones me ayudó a liberar algunos miedos.


Primero encontrandolos ya que ni sabía que los tenía!

Y después a vencerlos. 

Entre ellos el de viajar sola!

Acabo de regresar de varios meses de viajar por otros países (sola).

Sin ti no la hacía!!!! 

 Mil gracias por las sesiones, "valen oro"!!

Alma Croft 


Co founder 

Bali, Indonesia

I met Diego down on the beach. I lied down next to his slippers by chance, thinking that they were bodiless, but apparently they were soulful!

We started talking deep immediately.

I was having 3 days off distance from my boyfriend.


He explained what he does professionally and humbly offered his services. I accepted.

...and It was a blessing!!!  


It was just what I needed. He actively listened to what I was saying and helped me put the situation into perspective, within an understanding of the situation and of myself, by giving it meaning. He shared a communication tool he knew could help me. 

He has a great presence, insight and powerful intuition...

Always connected with himself as he listened to me.


You will be fortunate to have him on your path for guidance, connection and awareness!!

Thank you Diego, form the bottom of my heart

Anja Krontoft


Co founder 


It’s been some amazing days after seeing you Diego. 

After, I cried for the first time in a while in a very nice way. And then I’ve had some beautiful encounters through energy. 

Today I have felt amazing. Best and most stable in a long time, but still with your wisdom kept inside processing. 


Thank you for everything, from my heart. 


I believe you where the man in white clothes that my spiritual Teacher in Ecuador saw in her visions that I should meet


 I was very affected by our encounter, it was amazing. I definitely raised a level in my consciousness.

 Clear intuitive feeling.

 I needed some more time to land after our last session!. And with you it’s so powerful and strong, that I don’t know how it will affect me : )

Chris Watson,

Co founder at Magic bikes

Surrey, United kingdom

"Diego has been a dear soul brother to me and has always offered a grounded and wise perspective to whatever topic has been brought to the table.

 Like an innocent grandchild speaks with his Grandfather.


He really reminded me to go within and search for answers to my questions inside myself. 

Not to find someone or something outside of myself to validate my choice or decision. 

Humbly and gently guiding me, not spoiling the process by giving me the answer. 

It was a very empowering conversation, and I will always regard his words and shared experiences with the upmost respect. 

Very very powerful. 

Thank you Brother 

Tim Rush

Activation Manager, Kelly Slater brands

California, USA

“Diego was very effective in teaching me about trusting my intuition by making choices based on instinct in the flow state.

I also found it valuable to learn how to manage fear, especially in social situations to minimize missed opportunities.

Diego taught me ways of self empowerment which really came in handy during my quarter life crisis.


I would recommend his guidance to anyone who could use a fresh perspective on their life.”

K. J  


Co founder 

Sydney, Australia

Thanks again Diego, was great to meet you!  

I feel like it came at a great time.

It’s like you cleared the fog on the path I’m going down and helped me progress past a spot I was starting to get stuck in and offered some really deep  insights and perspectives.


I know the rest of my trip will unfold really well now. And am really excited to link up when I’m back and see if you have time for mentoring.


I was writing down some notes then and realized, I had read a lot 2 days ago on being "content and having clarity" by Thich Naht Hanh and it all pieced together after speaking to you!







 Sydney, Australia

Thank you for all your kind words Diego.


“Words can change the world”


at least yours helped change mine...

Lorina Derradj

Co founder 

Paris, France


I started my inner path, 5 years ago following a tragic event in my life and many others from the past... Since then, I live a wonderful spiritual journey, a personal evolution that I will describe as almost miraculous for me.


I met a lot of people in the last 5 years, who brought me a few things to get me on this path. I feel today in a wonderful state of consciousness, learning every day but this adventure in Australia helps me a lot.


I am a very powerful empath, I feel very strongly things and beings.


As you told me when I arrived to your place, "there is no chance"; 


I stayed two weeks at your home, I refocused on myself, I found the connection with myself in there. At your home,I started listening to my intuitions that led me to Cairns, where I have found a great job where I thrive every day, I meditate and develop my potential day after day, I write my book and I inspire others too.


I also wanted to say that watching you in your daily practices & routines inspired me a lot. You really walk the talk.


My visit to you, my sessions with you closed my passage in Sydney on a wonderful note of love and positivity.

I'm always listening to my emotions and when I left your apartment, I felt this big wave of happiness and blessings to have had you on my path.. 

So you're now among the people who have been sent to me by the universe.


Thank you

Airan Anzaloni



Sydney, Australia

An awakening journey!!!

I have crossed paths with Diego years before we started working together. By coincidence or not, life placed him with incredible timing at the moment when I probably needed someone like him the most.

The crisis I was going through escalated pretty quickly. Both my parents fall terribly ill at the other side of the globe just after my wife gave birth to our daughter; I lost my job; I injured my neck and shoulder surfing not allowing me to do any work for a while. Not having the tools to deal with this let me to a temporary and needed dose of Valium.

I learnt with Diego that moments like this are great opportunities to grow by embracing them with the right tools. I kept having this feeling inside telling me that it was time for a change, time to face old shadows, time to clean the dust covering abandon dreams. Time to not be afraid to walk the most turbulent path to accept where I am in life, to learn, to grow and love myself again.

We started working early December 2019 and from this moment until today late Feb 2020 my life has changed. The toolbox has now an invaluable amount of tools that have helped me to increase my confidence, self love and appreciation for difficult times in a way I never imagined.

The journey has been a humbling experience;


Thanks to Diego's teachings I am now able to let my ego aside allowing me to write these words to you with no shame and no fear, but with an incredible amount of love and acceptance. 

This work with Diego not just has helped me to deal with the crisis. His gift and profound teachings have made me a better father, a better husband, a better person all together.


My wish is that many more people have the opportunity to walk this path; most of us need it more than we think. 

Jesse - Maree Gavin

Co founder Temperance•Mind•Fullness

Sydney, Australia

Hello Diego!! Hope you are well


I have had some big breakthroughs since our session!


I am so excited for the future and I am learning to integrate all my knowledge, skills and resources, I feel much more confident and in alignment with my true self. 
Thank you for your wonderful wisdom and advice! Everything is starting to make much more sense and I know what I need to do!


Many Thanks!!

 I have discovered and of course still discovering so much about me, I feel like I am in a much more beautiful and calm place now. I have much to do! 

I am creating a website - it’s in the process and I am not sure how long it will take me to get it up and running! 
It’s a collaboration of information, history, knowledge, tools and resources for people who are experiencing spiritual awakening or just want to discover themselves. I would love to reach more people and help raise the vibration of our planet earth. 
The name I have come up with is

The Temperance virtue means a lot to me, I have always sought for balance, moderation and patience and then Mindfulness - being more present and aware.

I love that we all have the ability to align to our higher purpose - we are all in such unique and special journeys!  
I want to help people get there. Because it can be scary at times. 


Thanks again Diego!


Your mentoring and wisdom has helped me ascend a level higher up on my journey! 

Kat Kinnie

Co founder at Your blue print, England

Strongly recommend him.

( Press play to see see full video testimonial)

Clarity session

15 -30 minutes Intro session to clarify all doubts about the program and working with me. No charges involved

Self awareness 6 weeks program

A workshop for the courages warriors who desire to dive deep into themselves using the power tools of the arts, nature and adventure.

Meditation 6 weeks Advance program

A workshop to fly deep into different ways of meditation; Active, passive and Dynamic meditations.

Finding your path and purpose 6 weeks program
A workshop to facilitate the process to remember your own tools while learning new ones for Finding your own path and purpose to those who doesn't know what to do with their life jet. An space for you to focus and find clarity.
Art of contentment for organisations 10 weeks program
A program to support organisation's teams to improve stress  alignment, flow and contentment in  their daily working experience, mixing mindfulness, business, positive psychology  and creativity thinking.
Marketing for trainers, therapist, psychologists and coaches  10 weeks program
A practical program to support awakened coaches and trainers to be more commercially smart
Meditation 6 weeks intro program

An introductory workshop to discovery the power tools of meditation who everyone who would like to allow more balance in their life, reduce stress and anxiety.

Self love 6 weeks program

A workshop to flow into a constant, confidence state of connection with your true self, allowing  unapologetic ways of being who you really are.

Surfing mindfulness 6 weeks program
Focus on being a better version of your self mixing mindfulness, positive psychology entrepreneurship while learning how to surf
Mindfulness for psychologist, psychoanalyst, trainers, therapists, and coaches. 6 weeks program.
Mixing the orient  wisdom  with the  eastern world. A fine selection of tools to take your practice to a different level of consciousnes.
Conscious branding for trainers, therapists, psychologists, coaches, healers and light workers. 10 weeks program
A program to support professionals supporting humanity to attract  more financial abundance while balancing your alignment and Yang energy. 
Vision & clarity 6 weeks program
A workshop to allow clarity in your next step in life  using a powerful mix tools of arts, mindfulness, NLP, rituals and positive psychology. Moving from crisis to thriving.
How to thrive when the world 
overwhelms you 6 weeks program
A powerful workshop to understand deeply your Highly sensitive trait.
A program for HSP, artists,Indigos and empaths to allow more flow and abundance during difficult times. Moving from overwhelmed to empowered.