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Art of contentment

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Art of contentment 

Art of self discovery + Art of alignment = Art of contentment flow

Inner mentoring  sessions offer you a path with a variety of tools  for discovering freedom from your self limitations. These sessions offer you an opportunity to discover hidden emotional disalignments and patterns within that keep you blocked in life, health, wealth and contentment.

"During these sessions, my real purpose is not to offer advice, but rather to facilitate and support the re-connection of you with your own inner guidance system and source of wisdom. By discovering hidden parts of you that are compromised, healing and re-balancing allows you to have new realizations of inner peace, meaning, and the release of suffering."

If you feel serious and ready, I would like to invite you and maybe inspire you, to consider a few of these perspectives and tools that serve me tremendously in my journey of self discovery:

Art of self discovery

Self awareness & self discovery work


Shadow work

Healthy boundaries

Alchemical union  ⚤☯

Selecting your nutrients

Art of allowing 

Flow state / Law of attraction

Art of desiring

Art of receiving

Mastering alignment in hostile environments

Self trance induction and self customized meditation 


Art of being who you really are

Art of contentment

Art of gratefulness and appreciation 

Art of satisfaction

Mastering the art of allowing flow state

Art of identifying life synchronicities

Art of optimism

Art of juicing a momentum

Art  of True selfishness

Art of Allowing contentment flow constantly

Mastering the art of being who you really are


Art of being a highly sensitive person(HSP)

Understanding HSP, functional autism, artists, empaths, indigos...

Boundaries for HSP

Isolation balance for HSP

How to Thrive when the world overwhelm you

Understanding your HSP son/daughter(for parents)


Art of Conscious entrepreneurship

Holistic purpose Entrepreneurship

Conscious branding

Ideal clients

Selling from the heart

Money flow

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