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I am that I am, I am I am, I am… I am where I am at this time and space, but most importantly;


 I am a "Highly sensitive person"(HSP).


“I don't just listen to your words,

I listen to your use of words,

your tone, your body movements,

your eyes, your subtle facial expressions.

I interpret your silence.

I can hear everything you don't say with words.”



I can hear with my entire body

...and see beyond the evident.

I can reflect back your inner shadows 

transforming the unconscious into 

higher levels of consciousness.

Priceless knowledge

"over 25 years dedication in studying 

self development & transformative tools"

Amazing valuable life experience


"and achievements that probably

will blow up your mind"

and a Unique mix of tools


"that rarely could be found

in the planet in just one individual"


Also between others, I am an emotional healing coach, artist, co founder, world traveller, entrepreneur, professional questioner and researcher with passionate curiosity of studying humanity and beyond.


So, something like;


"Professional questioner and researcher of self development and transformation, using between others tools, the healing powers of the Arts, Holistic Coaching, Mindfulness, Flow state, Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy, Cognitive behavior therapy(CBT), Neuro-linguistic programing(NLP), Emotional freedom technique(EFT), Dialectical behaviour therapy(DBT), Assertive communication therapy  Non Aggressive communication therapy, Art therapy, Positive psychology, Emotional intelligence, Emotional process work, Entrepreneurship, Spiritual psychology and Story telling between other tools and own methods, holding a space for others to support their own inner growth in the process of self discovering your true self.  "



My intention with my work is to inspire and empower people,(awakening & awakened entrepreneurs) with several deep transformational tools to empower themselves to live more meaningful and content lives.


I also create artworks, in particular paintings.  I’ve been a very active professional visual artist for over 10 years now. I am lucky enough to have my own gallery in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Manly beach Australia, where I regularly create not only aesthetically artworks but also pieces to help people help themselves. These transformational paintings help getting into a trance state, facilitating  the process of shadow integration in a subconscious and conscious level evoking the reconnection of your inner wisdom from inside out.

I also write books. Aside from the entertainment value of this fantasy, humorous books, they also carry important hidden messages(at least from my perspective but I’m predisposed because they’re my books).


I also work in collaboration with other experts and thought leaders, leading retreats around the world on different healing, uplifting and personal empowerment tools, for like hearted and like minded people to come together and learn, share, grow, and heal.

And if the formal credential side of things, is important to you, My full name is DIEGO ACEVEDO LLOSA, (honoring not only my dad  but also mum's).

I hold a Masters degree in business management, with a specialization in marketing management in one of the top ten business schools in Australasia(MGSM). A Diploma in International Commerce from ADEX,  a Diploma in Entrepreneurship management from Pacific University. Certificate in Business negotiation and ethics from Pacific University.

Studies in Art therapy at The school of complementary medicine in Sydney Australia, studies in Positive psychology from Harvard and certification as a Holistic Coach from the University of wellness, West Virginia USA.

Emotional process work & Projective and unconscious process work certification by Dan Short, PHD, Expert in Ericksonian Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis, Executive director Phoenix, USA


A Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Strategic Psychotherapy from the Institute of applied Psychology, Sydney, Australia.

Most importantly; I have an Incas land accent, bald head with a Ken Wilber genius look (Just the look) big eyes, a caring warm heart, and a trying hard sense of humour (because no one picks up my jokes).

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