Clarity session

15 -30 minutes Intro session to clarify all doubts about the program and working with me. No charges involved

Self awareness 6 weeks program

A workshop for the courages warriors who desire to dive deep into themselves using the power tools of the arts, nature and adventure.

Meditation 6 weeks Advance program

A workshop to fly deep into different ways of meditation; Active, passive and Dynamic meditations.

Finding your path and purpose 6 weeks program
A workshop to facilitate the process to remember your own tools while learning new ones for Finding your own path and purpose to those who doesn't know what to do with their life jet. An space for you to focus and find clarity.
Art of contentment for organisations 10 weeks program
A program to support organisation's teams to improve stress  alignment, flow and contentment in  their daily working experience, mixing mindfulness, business, positive psychology  and creativity thinking.
Marketing for trainers, therapist, psychologists and coaches  10 weeks program
A practical program to support awakened coaches and trainers to be more commercially smart
Meditation 6 weeks intro program

An introductory workshop to discovery the power tools of meditation who everyone who would like to allow more balance in their life, reduce stress and anxiety.

Self love 6 weeks program

A workshop to flow into a constant, confidence state of connection with your true self, allowing  unapologetic ways of being who you really are.

Surfing mindfulness 6 weeks program
Focus on being a better version of your self mixing mindfulness, positive psychology entrepreneurship while learning how to surf
Mindfulness for psychologist, psychoanalyst, trainers, therapists, and coaches. 6 weeks program.
Mixing the orient  wisdom  with the  eastern world. A fine selection of tools to take your practice to a different level of consciousnes.
Conscious branding for trainers, therapists, psychologists, coaches, healers and light workers. 10 weeks program
A program to support professionals supporting humanity to attract  more financial abundance while balancing your alignment and Yang energy. 
Vision & clarity 6 weeks program
A workshop to allow clarity in your next step in life  using a powerful mix tools of arts, mindfulness, NLP, rituals and positive psychology. Moving from crisis to thriving.
How to thrive when the world 
overwhelms you 6 weeks program
A powerful workshop to understand deeply your Highly sensitive trait.
A program for HSP, artists,Indigos and empaths to allow more flow and abundance during difficult times. Moving from overwhelmed to empowered.