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Ceasius Kakius Method (CKM)

Collaborate together



  • Key note speaker(Every topic covered in my programs).

  • Demystifying spirituality / 

  • Self discovery journey / hero journey

  • Highly sensitive people, empaths, artists.

  • Dance of relationships  / Sacred  unión 

  • Arts as a transformative tool.

  • Open discusión about related topics such as spirituality, shadow work, healing, entrepreneurship, arts.

Podcast interviews

To add value to your audience:

  • Coaches, therapists, practitioners and educators.

  • Highly sensitive people, empaths, artists.

  • Founders and entrepreneurs

  • Couples & families, or teens.

Every topic covered in my programs.
Themes that involve inner transformation, fine arts, holistic relationships, shadow integration  and conscious entrepreneurship..
I am very passionate about going deep into current issues that are affecting individually and collectively humanity at this time on earth.


Facilitator (retreats, workshops, etc).

  • Plant medicine.

  • Holotropic inner journey breath work.

  • Vision Quest

  • Story telling

  • Men circle 

  • Sacred union circle.

  • Integrations and Highly sensitive readings.

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